Winter Festival-“Go Baroque!”

February 3, 2018

Calling all FMTA teachers to GO BAROQUE!  Don’t miss out. Get your studio off to an exciting start this Fall with the amazing repertoire of the Baroque Era.  There are fantastic resources out there to help you create a memorable introduction to this time period.  Then, on February 3, 2018, you’ll wrap up your Fall activities with a GO BAROQUE Winter Festival.  We’ll have a great day of Recitals and activities for students of all ages.  The day will begin at 9:30AM with one of two all – Baroque Recitals. About half of the day’s participants will play in this time slot.  After they play, they’ll be directed to stations that include wig-making, ornamentation and stylistic lessons, snacks, and other crafts.  Plus, we’ll all be taking Minuet dance lessons and dancing the Minuet together. About 11:30 we’ll conclude the day with a 2nd Recital for the remaining students.  They will each get a participation award and we’ll be giving a prize for Best Costume and Best Wig!

Your students will love this fun and interesting introduction to the Baroque Era and they’ll be begging you to teach them more and more Bach and Scarlatti in the future.  Now, how great would that be!!  Be sure to read all the details on the Winter Festival Registration form below!


Standing Rules for Winter Festival

FMTA Winter Festival Forms 2018